What Sort of Man Will Benefit from MLM...?

  • Perspective

    A desire to understand the subjective nature of reality.

  • Intention

    A willingness to change your circumstances.

  • Communication

    Enhancing your capacity to skillfully use language.

  • Action

    Choosing to live by your own principles and values.

  • Livelihood

    Champion a cause and make money ethically.

  • Purpose

    Empowering yourself first, then others.

  • Mindfulness

    Becoming self-aware and comfortable in your body.

  • Foresight

    Preparing the next generation for challenges.

So Explain Once Again What This Includes...

A Personal Development Map

Follow a proven personal development map through active participation in inductive training. Every 3 days you will receive new content to review and homework assignments that will take between 5 to 20 minutes to complete. Each module contains 10 sub-modules.

Training Webinars

Training webinars that cover important questions from the forums, address news-worthy topics, and answer questions in a live, dynamic setting. This is the format for you to interact and ask questions.

Audio / Video Training Resources

On average, a module will have around 200 minutes of audio to listen to and recordings vary between 10-50 minutes per sub-module and every 3 days there is a new sub-module available. Additional audio programs are based upon NLP, hypnosis and guided imagery and include live exercises that can be repeated.

Access the Men Living with Meaning Network

One of the biggest challenges for most guys is finding other like-minded men who want excel in all areas of their lives. Once you have completed the initial 10-month training phase you will have access to networking with the other men in the program. The purpose of this program is to pre-qualify guys and establish international networks for collaboration and creation.

Discounted Personal Development Coaching

I want you to know that as a member, you are my top priority. You will have a significant discount on live personal development coaching with me (Michael Emery) via Skype or telephone. Even if only used once, the discount will cover the cost of your monthly investment in Men Living with Meaning. I have got your back!

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Each month you will have access to audio and video content, special pricing for coaching, personal development assignments, forum interaction, and live webinar options.

The value is priceless, the investment is only $49.99 per month. $1.00 to start for the first 1 day, so you have a low risk way to check out the first 5 sub-modules.

No questions asked 30-day money back guarantee.

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By Choosing to Join Men Living with Meaning (MLM):

I ascertain that I am a male.

I choose to join MLM of my own free will.

I am in stable mental health.

I assume full responsibility for my actions.

I acknowledge that MLM is non-political and peaceful.

I understand the focus of MLM is personal development.

I agree that every individual's well being comes before any group.

My purpose for joining MLM is purely educational.

My purpose in joining MLM is not investigative.

I swear to maintain the confidentiality of program members.

I swear to not pirate, file-share or distribute program contents.

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