Personal Development for Men

Discover and Fulfill Your Purpose

Some men have a desire to create, experience the best in life, and leave behind a legacy. Very few men have had a trustworthy personal development guide and mentor to empower them to move beyond fears and to know oneself.



Stop Wasting Your Precious Time

Imagine how the course of your life might have been different up to this point if you had been able to follow the no-nonsense advice of an experienced older brother or uncle who you trusted to share with you insights about health, wealth, relationships and spirituality... Someone who walked in your shoes, made mistakes, learned from them and was able to guide you toward success; literally saving you a decade's worth of aimless wandering.

What to Expect

  • A Personal Development Plan

    An inductive format for you to adapt to your personal development journey. Phase 1 of the 10 month training includes a total of 100 sub-modules. In order to avoid overload, access to new content is available every 3 days.

  • Personal Development Assignments

    A combination of audio, video and text will provide the instructions and format for your written assignments. These assignments are intended to be collected in your personal development journal for your future reference.

  • Routine Training Webinars

    There are routine webinars that cover important questions from the forums, address news-worthy topics, and answer questions in a live, dynamic setting. This is the format for you to interact and ask questions.

  • Audio / Video Training Resources

    On average, a module will have around 200 minutes of audio to listen to and recordings vary between 10-50 minutes per sub-module. Additional audio programs are based upon NLP and guided imagery include live exercises.

Special Discount on Personal Development Coaching

I Want You to Be A Succesful Man

Men Living with Meaning stems from my own failures and successes as a man. There was no precise personal development guide for me and the learning experiences that I share with you in this program are invaluable; earned through blood, sweat and tears. I want you to know that as a member, you will have priority access to my schedule at a special discounted price for members only.

~ Michael J. Emery, M.A., C.Ht., M.NLP
Developer of Men Living with Meaning

Join A Growing International Network

Upon completion of the first level of Men Living with Meaning, you'll be able to interact and network with men who share similar values, have been through the same self-awareness enhancing processes you have, and who desire to create a legacy. Together, the real synergy, brainstorming and opportunities begin...

How You Will Benefit From MLM

3 Primary Life Stages

The Past

Identify and heal from significant emotional events in your personal history. Address fear, shame, guilt and hurt that had occurred in the past.

The Present

Confront your shadow, learn how to manage your thoughts, emotions and behaviors. Become present in your body. Encounter your primary life purpose.

The Future

Develop the resources necessary to champion your cause. Set your sights upon future achievement. Create your plan and launch!

You Have Been Called to the Hero's Journey...

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